Monday 4 June 2007

WOW!s and the Whoooaaahhhh!

There have been a lot of interesting new technology announcements and tools I've discovered recently. I mentioned Microsoft's Surface last week,  but this MS experimental tool is even more exciting (from a Web 2.0 point of view) - Photosynth (care of Luis and I agree about the WOW!s and the Whoooaaahhhh!s factor). I didn't try to install Photosynth, but check out the videos to get a feel of what its all about. Also have a look at the Photo Tourism project site at the University of Washington, as Photosynth is based on their research.

And what do Google Gears and Palm's new Foleo have in common? Well everyone is talking about them, but not everyone is convinced about where these technologies are going. But good luck to them I say :-)

Actually, the bit I don't get is why you want to sync the Foleo with your phone, when surely I should sync everything via the cloud, or P2P if the cloud isn't available? Think about that, a mobile computing device based entirely on a Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework. That would be WOW! (Maybe that is Palm's secret plan?)

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