Thursday 21 June 2007

Not at Enterprise 2.0 - Wikis and Signatures of Online Behaviour

I've given up reading all the excellent coverage of the Enterprise 2.0 Conference, which is telling me a lot about what has happened (thanks everyone who is there in person) but it isn't actually informing my thinking in this space (actually, that's not strictly true as this is a good post by Miguel Cornejo Castro).

Some interesting non-Enterprise 2.0 Conference posts this morning are:

  • Luis reporting on a session by Ann Majchrzak at a Knowledge Management conference he attended about wikis - "Ann put together some really nice, brief and straight forward background as to what wikis are, how they operate and how different organisations are starting making heavy use of them. Yes, one of the reasons why I really enjoyed Ann’s pitch was the fact that she was using concrete real examples of how businesses are already making use of wikis"; and
  • On the Smart Mobs blog, an overview of some research into Researching Online Social Roles by Structural Signature Visualization Method - a bit of a tongue twister I know, but they think this could provide a model for predicting online social behaviour.

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