Thursday 14 June 2007

Next Monday: Davenport and McAfee Debate E2.0

As a special free sideshow to the Enterprise 2.0 conference taking place in the US next week, Susan Scrupski has helped to organise a debate between Tom "Old Skool" Davenport and Andrew "E2.0" McAfee. The best thing about it, in true Web 2.0 style, is that if you can't make it in person they are streaming a Webcast that will also be available for download later (which is great for those of us down under, as 10am Boston time is midnight here).

So far McAfee has been very friendly about the whole thing, but secretly I think we hope that they bring back the biff ;-) I've also done my part to add some fuel to this fire too by referencing some of Davenport's recent comments back to some of his earlier work. See Bill Ives' response to this too.

See Susan Scrupski's blog for the latest details on the debate taking place next Monday (18th June).

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