Tuesday 12 June 2007

Coupled Resonant Objects

I don't really know much about Tesla (ok, I admit it - my total sum knowledge in this area comes from watching The Prestige), but this research into wireless electricity from MIT is apparently something new, as unlike Tesla's work, "WiTricity is based on using coupled resonant objects."


What this means in simple terms is that unlike past wireless electricity technologies, WiTricity doesn't require the objects involved to be near each other or in line of site. Its also efficient because the sending power source and receiving power consuming device are tuned to each other. In one example they describe, a laptop could operate and recharge from anywhere with a wireless electricity supply - or maybe we could ditch the battery altogether.

Now, how's that for a potentially disruptive technology? There is only one problem I can see, controlling and paying for access to the power source...

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