Sunday 20 May 2007

Search Imagineering

Google continues to show us how data is the Intel inside with some interesting new experimental search visualisation tools that show results in a timeline or in a map. It just shows that once you have the "data", how you decide to display is limited only by your imagination (and programming or mashing skills of course). Of course this imagination isn't limited to Google alone, there are plenty of other people out there doing interesting things - this is just a small random sample:

  • KartOO, Quintura - search engines that present results in the form of an interactive map or tag cloud;
  • Summize - provides a heatmap of product reviews (good to bad); and
  • Alexa - provides a screenshot of the Websites appearing in your search results;
  • MusicPortl - a mashup that creates a instant snapshot on music artist; and
  • Buzz Images and News - not really a search engine as such, but another mashup that is an example of using pictures to navigate news and entertainment search data from Yahoo! 

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