Wednesday 28 March 2007

Wondering What Wiki Will Work?

All this talking and thinking about wikis over the last few days, following from a NSW KM Forum meeting on this topic, has got me looking again at some of the wiki options out there. One useful source is WikiMatrix, which currently helps you to choose and compare 84 different wiki software options.

Wandering around the different options I began to think about what would the best approach be for someone who wants to get started with exploring wikis inside the firewall, particularly if you operate in a more restrictive IT environment or simply don't have the technical resources? Well, here are a couple of ideas:

Another issue might be that your IT department wants you to use an existing enterprise platform. An interesting discussion thread I came across in WikiMatrix is a request to add Sharepoint 2007 to the list. Apparently they need - I wonder if someone from Microsoft will step up to the plate? I wouldn't mind seeing something about the IBM Lotus options too, as there are some wiki templates for Notes and Quickplace available too.

Have fun!

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