Tuesday 20 February 2007

The slow death of Enterprise 2.0 on Wikipedia

Revisiting the Enterprise 2.0 (aka "Enterprise Social Software") entry in Wikipedia I noticed that, despite the HBS case study, the entry itself isn't actually getting any better.

The latest revision history has comments such as "hardly any content, no need to keep separate" and that the article shouldn't be "a link farm".

Unfortunately at the moment the article is less than 500 words (compared for example with the few thousand for KM) that hardly touch the sides of recent debate on this issue. The real shame here is that in Wikipedia is of course quite able to keep up with the debate, but clearly people have to be interested enough in the subject matter.

I've added some of my own content and others to help keep it fresh, but it really could do with more contributions. Otherwise, the content is so bad overall they might just as well have deleted it rather than this slow death.

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