Thursday 8 February 2007

No Web 2.0, just Google 2.0

Have you noticed that Google have implemented a single sign on system - I can login into my gmail account and then access all the services I've ever logged into through my Google account - in my case:

Blogger Blogger
Docs and Spreadsheets Docs and Spreadsheets
Gmail Gmail
Personalized Homepage Personalized Homepage
Reader Reader
Talk Talk

From the account screen I also have the option to "Try something new" and log into or use another service. But, wait, there is more: You can view Microsoft Word attachments receive in gmail in Google Docs & Spreadsheets; or as I'm doing now publish a Google Doc into Blogger.

On the Google Docs integration with gmail, Read/WriteWeb comment:

"this new integration feature is another example of how the desktop and online worlds are being munged together by Google, right under Microsoft's nose and directly threatening MS Office"

I agree that this is very convenient - in fact just like having a self-contained, fully integrated desktop OS on the Web (aka Web OS). But if we take this thought further, as Google consolidates where does that leave the rest of the Web 2.0 world?

PS As might you might be able to tell, publishing form Google Docs to Blogger is hardly a kill app... no title, no tags, etc. Windows Live Writer 1 Google Docs 0 in this instance!

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