Monday, 19 February 2007

The Enterprise 2.0 Imperative

Care of Bill Ives, and published by WorkLight, a couple of IDC papers are available for download related to Enterprise 2.0, including one titled Getting Results by Empowering the Information Worker: What Web 2.0 Offers Beyond Blogs and Wikis (you need to register).

As Bill says, while he didn't learn anything new "that has not been discussed already by the enterprise 2.0 bloggers but the brief makes a nice executive summary written with conviction from a known source."

That makes up a little for the fact that while IDC are now warning that "those raised on the web will not tolerate the old ways and change will occur regardless of what the formal enterprise says", some of us have been watching that horizon for some time - check out the Intranet Imperative I wrote back in June 2005... I said then that:

"Of course while you can choose to ignore this imperative, be aware that technology has a habit of winning. You may find your users taking the path of least resistance (like returning to the dreaded network drive) or they will pick their own user-driven tools that will ensure they can get the job done."

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