Thursday 4 January 2007

Size counts, for email inboxes

Following on from yesterday's post but this time picking up on the thread of Google vs Microsoft, Charlie Wood in his Moonwatcher blog picks out a great comment from an Exchange admin about Gmail's 2GB limit and the idea from Microsoft that the same should be offered inside the firewall:

"2GB in an Enterprise Exchange environment?
Please shoot the SAN administrator now. OH and the budget personnel.
Please. I have over 30000 users and their mailboxes range from 30mb to 1gb in limits (1gb reserved for a select few - less than 10 people)
I'm already using almost a Terabyte of space on the SAN. Going to 2GB per person would bring me over 60TB because you KNOW "If it's there, they'll use it"
I guess I'll start having bake sales daily to see if we can generate enough dough to get a 60TB SAN for this."

Wood himself comments that "It looks like Microsoft is set to lose—and lose big—to Google. Again".

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