Saturday 27 January 2007

Rapidly cruising through all sorts of variations

Brian Mulloy, CEO & Cofounder of Swivel. commented on my post about social data analysis and I think it worth pulling up in a new post an excerpt where he describes the inspiration behind their tool:

"What got us started on Swivel was the belief that our best insights into data usually happened in 'public' in a social way.
And that instead of knowing what we were looking for ahead of time, many of the best insights often came while going rapid fire (well as fast as possible in Excel at the time) from one hypothesis to the next.
That's why when you see a data set like this in Swivel you'll see that it's not about pre-configuring the visualization you think you want, but instead rapidly cruising through all sorts of variations."

Thanks for the comment, Brian - I don't think I can add much to that!

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    i'm famous! thanks, James, for posting the comment.


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