Friday 1 December 2006

A missing Enterprise 2.0 element - shifting?

Ross Dawson recently presented on "Web 2.0 marketing" and you can watch a recording of it online or read a summary of his key points. Remembering that the focus here is on digital media and marketing, Ross breaks Web 2.0 into the following:

  • Participation
  • Social media
  • Emergence
  • Visibility
  • (Time) Shifting
  • Conversation

Thinking now of Enterprise 2.0, the one thing I haven't seen mentioned before in this context is "Shifting" - Ross describes this as:

"One of the most critical shifts with Web 2.0 is power to the consumer. One of the most pointed examples of this is the ability to shift media and other content onto other platforms and devices. This means that online content is transcending the fixed internet, particularly to mobile devices, as well as merging consumers’ experience of TV, radio, news, Internet, and more. Time-shifting, space-shifting, and format-shifting are embodied in the new consumer tools. You can listen to a podcast whenever and wherever you want. Now video glasses allow consumption of video content in a large screen format while you’re on the move."

Is this relevant to Enterprise 2.0? Well, I did hear before about a firm that provided iPods to its staff as a way to distribute internal communication more effectively. And in many organisations, the original "sneakernet" that email replaced has returned in the shape of USB fueled filesharing. Mobility is also an issue that many organisations have addressed in recent years, but typically the technology used - i.e. the means of access - have been strictly on the organisations terms... so Web 2.0 is probably going to shift control back towards the employee.

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