Monday 9 October 2006

Half-Live Writer from Windows

I'm currently trying out Microsoft's Beta Windows Live Writer. I have to admit that I mostly like it...

It has comfortable look and feel of a Windows application - since it is essentially some kind of Frontpage/Word hybrid, that's what you would expect. And for that reason I could seriously see enterprise users adopting it very easily.

But there is always a "but" - can I find a simple plugin that will let me insert tags AND that will actually install? I don't know why, but this stuff is just so much easier in Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird! Any ideas anyone?

UPDATE: Charles Teague from the Live Writer team pointed me in the right direction... I'm now up and running with the latest version and that has solved my tagging needs!

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  1. Anonymous1:56 am


    [I'm on the Writer team]

    The latest version of WLW has tagging built right in (build 141 or later). If you are running the original Beta 1, you can just download and install the Beta 1 update and it will automatically upgrade your WLW.

    In addition, we just recently launched the Writer section of the Windows Live Gallery, where you can download other plugins. Check it out at



  2. Thanks Charles - I had somehow installed the original beta...
    I've now reinstalled and can now tag. And with that, I'm sold on Live Writer.


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