Wednesday 26 July 2006

Change of gear at ChiefTech

Just a quick note to let you know that I've decided to put Chief Technology Solutions on hold in order to take up a full-time position with CSC in Australia as an information and knowledge management consultant. While I've enjoyed working with a range of businesses over the last few years, this is an exciting oppourtunity for me to focus on consulting in projects for CSC's blue chip and government clients. Its also a chance to work with some interesting people in the information and knowledge management space like Laurie Lock Lee and Cai Kjaer.

As for the ChiefTech blog, hopefully you won't notice any real changes to what I'm posting, but I will point out that moving forward this will very much be a personal blog about technology, information and knowledge management - don't expect to find me talking (directly) about my work at CSC :-)

I'm also going to continue with being involved as a board member of Workplace Learning Illawarra, a member of the NSW KM Forum committee and a supporter of the Illawarra ICT cluster.

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