Wednesday 21 June 2006

That ol'Time Shifting Argument?

I get Nick Carr's point and the complaint about Jon Udell showing people how to download an MP3 file version of an MP3 stream from a US public radio site, but isn't this just about time shifting (the same issue as recording free-to-air TV or radio) only more confusing for the consumer?

In this particular case we are given a choice between a free stream "anytime" or buy a copy so you can listen "anytime". The Website in question, for a US show called This American Life, also promotes the downloadable versions you can purchase as "high quality downloads" suggesting that its a different product anyway.

In addition, on the This American Life site they also say "Why you can't download our MP3 Files: Allowing download of those files would require us to PAY contributors for each download, as we do when we sell a CD or a show on Audible. Doing this would be an administrative nightmare, and we can't afford it."

So they themselves would rather stream because this way they don't have the administrative overhead of paying their contributors!

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