Saturday 17 June 2006

Is it time to Flock?

I've started to hear a bit of buzz form around a new Web 2.0 friendly browser, called Flock. Euan Semple made some positive noises, but Luis Suarez has a bit more detail on why he likes it and what it does. Their 0.7 beta release is currently available - Euan thinks the benefits of Flock outweigh any bugs you might find in this beta release.

As I started to read about what it does - for example integrate easy photo sharing, rss and blogging - I started to think, isn't this something you could just build a Firefox extension to do? Well, as I looked further I discovered that Flock is in fact built on the Mozilla's browser engine... it makes Flock even more interesting, because like the Mozilla suite it also supports the concept of extensions. So Flock has solid browser engine, is Web 2.0 friendly and lets you hack it with more extension. Yes, I'm already downloading it to try myself :-)

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  1. Anonymous8:43 am

    Hi James ! Yes, indeed, Flock is based on FireFox and I can only suggest that you give it a try for a week and I am sure you will not be back to anything else. One of the many things that I like about it, along with its integration with multiple Web 2.0 tools, is the fact that quite a few of the most popular FireFox extensions are actually part of the default install. A few people have been saying that Flock is the closest thing to running Opera, except that it has got some strong social software connotations. So those folks interested in that, me being one of them, would certainly be enjoying the browser.

    I am sure you would, too! ;-)


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