Thursday 13 October 2005

Slides from knowledge sharing technologies - pitfalls and risks at UTS

Last night I tag teamed with Cris Townley to present a guest lecture to a UTS MBA class on managing knowledge. My presentation covered the pitfalls and risks associated with knowledge sharing technologies - the slides are available to download (PDF, 241KB).

BTW Because I try to avoid Death by PowerPoint don't expect to find everything I said and what the class discussed in these slides - I suggest you check out these case studies on Ernst & Young to supplement the slides. We also made good use of some cartoons to point out both the challenges and hype associated with KM technologies. I also highlighted how the typical data -> information -> knowledge paradigm is a flawed concept that can result in knowledge sharing technology failure.

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  1. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Hi James, thanks for posting your presentation. I particularly like the delineation between collaboration software and social software. I didn't realise Clay Shirky was a key source. I love his essays. Can you point me to the 2002 article you mentioned?

  2. Sorry Shawn, it wasn't an article reference. It has been said that Clay helped popularise the term "social software" by holding a social software summit in 2002 (I think they may be referring to this event). However, he does define social software in this 2003 article, A Group Is Its Own Worst Enemy.


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