Sunday 16 October 2005

New tag cloud on the ChiefTech Blog

Inspired by Jack Vinson's efforts, I've added my own Tag Cloud to the blog using To view it you'll need to scroll down the left hand side of the page. If it works well I'll probably move it a little higher up the page but at the time of posting I'm still waiting for the tag cloud to start generating!

UPDATE 19 Oct 05: I've removed the Tag Cloud at the moment because its not working... stay tuned.

ANOTHER UPDATE 25 Oct 05: OK, as if by magic my Tag Cloud has started working. Scroll down to see it on the right hand side. Remember it will only show recent posts.



  1. James, the tagcloud doesn't seem to be showing any data. What's up with that?


    Jack Vinson

  2. I know. I'm a little disappointed that its not doing anything! I realised after setting it up that intially the cloud would be a little limited since builds the tag cloud based on the current RSS feed (and I don't have an archive feed), so the effect will be cumalative. But I'm not sure at this stage why its not working at the moment. I guess this is one of the limitations of mashing extra functionality into a blog...

  3. James,

    I found a nice solution for this using Blogsearch, courtesy of Orangewise:

    Basically let Google's blog search function do it for you. You choose what the search keywords are you link to from your template.

    It only seems to search the blog titles, but that's good enough ... especially for such an easy solution.

  4. Thanks Angus. A great tip.


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