Thursday 14 July 2005

Attack on London: Old and new media working together

The ChiefTech blog has been quiet this last week in part because the terrorist attack in London dampened my desire to blog but also because I have a number of projects on the go, one of which involved me going down a mine (and interesting experience for someone who normally works in an office).

However, it was interesting to observe the role of blogs and photo sharing tools like flickr. But on the whole I think it was the way the old media used social software that provided the best use. The Guardian coverage in particular was excellent in the way they integrated traditional and social software approaches.

BTW Brian Bailey has started a new blog and one of his first posts is a short summary of my social software presentation at the NSW KM Forum last week. If you would like a copy of my slides please let me know. UPDATE: Matt Moore, from IBM Consulting, has also blogged about my NSW KM Forum presentation. Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone!


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