Saturday 11 June 2005

News from the Chief

Just a little bit of personal news today - yesterday was (hopefully!) my very last exam for my Masters in Business & Technology at the University of New South Wales. Starting in 2002 I've completed a dozen subject units covering subjects ranging from the Management of Innovation and Technical Change to Advanced Information Technologies for Managers. Its been a lot fun and hard work, but I'm really pleased to have got this far and finished it :-)

I also have a couple of service anouncements for you about the ChiefTech blog:

  • You may notice that I 'm now running Google AdSense on the blog (currently 2 at the top and some more down the side if you scroll down). My reasons for doing are two fold - one as an experiment to see how this kind of advertising works and if its worth it. Secondly, if I can make a bit of revenue from the advertising it will help to make the time and effort I put into the ChiefTech blog just that bit more worthwhile. However, if you think they are distracting or distasteful let me know. BTW One of the nice things I've noticed is that ads today are all talking about "strategy". And you all thought I was some kind of IT nerd... obviously Google knows me better than I think!
  • Moving forward I'm going to be making an effort to tag my posts, so you can find them using services like Technorati. If you don't know about "tags" have a look at the Wikipedia entry on folksonomy - "the practice of collaborative categorization using freely chosen keywords".


  1. Anonymous10:11 am

    Well done on finishing your Masters!

  2. Anonymous10:23 pm

    Congrats mate, but the question is did you pass?


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