Wednesday 29 June 2005

19th July: Reserve your place for the Intranet Imperative live

You've read the blog, now attend the seminar ;-)

Chief Technology Solutions in association with Institute for Information Management is pleased to present the inaugural live industry update seminar:

The Intranet Imperative - Getting alignment with business needs

The nature of intranets is changing. In fact the term intranet itself is rapidly losing meaning. The traditional view of intranets, one that concentrates on static information built around an impregnable information architecture, creates a risk for organisations that may be oblivious to the rise of collaborative and dynamic “application-nets” that connect users to people, places and things.

In this half-day seminar:

  • Hear about the latest technology and workplace trends driving the evolution of intranets;
  • Learn how to apply the intranet imperative management framework to align your intranet with business needs;
  • Understand alignment in practice from two local vendor case studies; and
  • Discuss implementation issues with an expert panel.

Presenters and panelists include James Dellow (Chief Technology Solutions and author of the ChiefTech blog), Brian Bailey (freelance provider of information, knowledge, change and project management services), Linda Shave (President, Institute for Information Management, NSW) plus Steven Layer (Weblogics) and Matthew Lipscombe (DocBanq).

But wait there is more: The good news is that thanks to the help of our supporters, the Institute for Information Management, DocBanq, and Weblogics, we can bring you this half-day seminar at a great price of $99 (incl. GST) including a light breakfast.

You can download the brochure and reserve your place at the seminar on the event Website at:

We look forward to seeing you there!

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