Thursday 12 May 2005

Technology & Business (T&B) reviews document management systems

Matthew Lipscombe, from DocBanq, has pointed out that Technology & Business (T&B) magazine's April review of 7 document management systems is now available online on ZDNet Australia. T&B review Objective, DocuShare, HummingBird, DocBanq, Interwoven, SmartLibrary and Trim.

One word of caution - this review isn't really going to be much use in helping you to pick the right solution, just possible candidates. As the reviewers puts it:

"In this extremely competitive market place picking a clear winner is almost impossible. It is a dead heat between Interwoven and Hummingbird. DocuShare, Objective and Trim coming a close second. Also don't discount Docbanq or SmartLibrary as a solution if you are a smaller business and have limited budget for investing in infrastructure."

PS If you need assistance with selecting a document management system, please contact me. Further information can be found on my Website and don't forget to check my industry update series for further software options not covered by T&B.

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