Tuesday 8 March 2005

Life Blogging

Sorry if I sound a little self-obsessed with blogs and wikis etc at the moment, but as I'll be writing and presenting around this topic later in the month this is top of mind at the moment.

One nice convergent idea I came across is life blogging (aka life caching). Nokia have a software tool called Lifeblog that helps people to keep chronological record of messages and photos captured via their mobile phone. This isn't really news since the BBC covered this back in March 2004 and from there I discovered that Microsoft have an earlier research project known as MyLifeBits, an "experiment in lifetime storage".

In a way the idea of a Life Blogs and MyLifeBits sounds very similar to the idea of electronic student portfolios from the world of education that I had already heard of. I discovered some interesting articles around this subject linked from the UK site, e-Learning Centre, including one titled Beyond the Electronic Portfolio: A Lifetime Personal Web Space.

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  1. Anonymous2:04 am

    James: Geat blog! I'm one of your newest readers -- a co-author of an article you just posted (Beyond the Electronic Portfolio...). Our article has been making the posting rounds since Nov. 04-- but you are the first to relate the concepts therein to MyLifeBits! (new to me as well) It's interesting that connection has not been made previously and often within commentaries on our article. Nor has MyLifeBits received any other mentions on those (hundreds of) sites. Perhaps this speaks to the stunning disconnect between IT developers and the academic community. That disconnect is exactly what our article was hoping to bridge.
    Best regards, Ellen


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