Thursday 17 March 2005

The Australian newspaper - special KM edition today

If you can get hold of a copy, today's Australian newspaper has a special edition covering Knowledge Management. They quote Dr Laurence Prusak, a managing principal with IBM Consulting and former principal in Ernst and Young's* centre for business innovation:

"An unintended consequence of ubiquitous and transparent computing is the premium value of knowledge that cannot be digitised, codified, or easily distributed...The value of the cognitive skills (such as judgment, design, leadership, better decisions, persuasiveness, wit, innovation, aesthetics, and humor) becomes more than ever before. "

It also includes some interviews and articles from local members of the NSW KM Forum (I'm a member of the coordinating committee).

However, while it's great to see KM get some profile in the media, I think the Australian was a little lazy in pointing readers to KMWorld's 100 Companies that Matter in Knowledge Management 2005 rather than coming up with some local case studies.

I actually think that perhaps the AFR's Boss Magazine has covered KM much better in the past (try searching the site for "knowledge management" and "intellectual property").

*PS For some further reading on E&Y's approach to KM have a look at the links here on my main Website.

Update: Matt Moore has pointed out that Larry isn't with IBM anymore as was reported in the Australian. Matt's with IBM Consulting so I guess he should know! I found a more recent version of Larry's bio on this conference site.

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