Wednesday 11 March 2009

Observations from E2EF 2009

I was busy busy twittering on the day, but realised I had neglected to post anything post-conference about Ross' Enterprise 2.0 Executive Forum a few weeks ago.

So what did I learn? Firstly, my main take away was that I noticed a big change this year from people asking what is Enterprise 2.0 to how do I do Enterprise 2.0. My second take away was an observation that while the IT and Marketing communities have been sharing experiences with using social computing, there isn't enough sharing between those groups and the Learning and Development sector who are another significant group that are using the same tools.

I really enjoyed hearing JP's address, although I think some people were disappointed that it wasn't some kind of high energy key note motivational thing. Personally I admire him for his achievements, passion, ideals and his thoughtful and well written blog posts, not the buzz. Bear in mind also that JP joined us via videoconference and it was pretty late in the UK.

I also think Brad Howarth made a good attempt to integrate the background Twitter stream into his panel discussion :-)

I also ran a series of mini-workshop on implementing wikis... and the one common issue that came up time and time again that people wanted to discuss was how to encourage more participation. Luckily my mini-workshop actually addressed this in part by asking participants to think more critically about their objectives and how that matched to both how their use of their wiki software and their expectations of how staff would use it. In one instance it sounded like the wiki was really being used just as a simple Web Content Management System (WCMS), so you can't really expect high levels of collaboration, conversation and contribution. However, to highlight my earlier point, at least no one asked what is a wiki!

If you are interested I've uploaded the slides from my handout, however they are based on my original (and apparently popular) Intranet 2.0 slides:

Anyway, a big hat tip to Ross for pulling off another great event, including ensuring we all had power and wifi available. Other conference and event people, please take note!

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