Saturday, 22 November 2008

Elcom Technologies IntranetManager.NET launch

I had heard that Sydney-based content management software company, Elcom Technologies, were launching a new intranet package called IntranetManager.NET, but I’m not sure how I managed to miss the launch event.

Anyway, as Anthony Milner from Elcom Technologies explains, IntranetManager.NET is based on their Community Manager product:

For some time at Elcom we’ve deployed our Content Management product, Community Manager, as an Intranet. It has excellent content management, document management, forms, corporate phone book, blogs, wikis, workflow and enterprise search features making it an ideal intranet software choice for a mid-sized to enterprise level businesses. In fact it’s capability as an intranet search engine alone would make it a great choice for an enterprise federated search solution.

We’ve recently taken a close look at the marketing of our product offerings and came to a conclusion that companies that were looking for intranet software or intranet search engines had no idea that Community Manager provided this functionality out of the box. So we’ve been promoting the not so obvious and decided to make it a little more obvious. So what did we do, we launched a new product, it’s called, wait for it….drum roll….Intranet Manager (tada).

ITWire also have an interview with Orica, who were a case study for IntranetManager.NET at the launch and @trib has shared his presentation slides and notes. So there you go - with all this stuff online, its almost as good as being there! ;-)

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