Saturday 25 October 2008

Xenos – a different kind of Enterprise RSS tool

Thanks to a little bit of serendipity while researching Enterprise RSS for my next Image & Data Manager (IDM) magazine article, I had the opportunity to talk to Scott Lewis from Metanews about his Enterprise RSS software, Xenos.

Xenos is a different class of Enterprise RSS tool from systems such as Attensa and Newsgator. It is designed for information professionals and other communicators who want to create tailored newsletters and feeds from existing feeds. A Xenos user can setup a series of profiles pointing at different RSS feeds that they can then review, filter and augment with internal metadata before forwarding on the feeds they selected to be the most valuable or relevant to other people.

Scott commented to me that he believes,

There is no feeling of delight when consuming RSS.

He went on to explain that the whole aim of Xenos is not to scrap content, but to provide a tool for “human aggregators” who can link other people to useful content that appears through the RSS back channel.

This is particularly beneficial for people who have not yet started reading feeds themselves and prefer email – in some cases, Xenos can help to expose them to information that they would not previously been aware of, such as blogs and other user-generated content sources.

All of my clients in house like newsletters – newsletters provide a sense of context.

(An interesting comment in the light of this analysis.)

Scott also believes that there is a great opportunity for Xenos to help information professionals to effectively tap into that sea of premium RSS content and save real dollars on subscriptions to other commercial content aggregators. Now, that in itself is a good reason to check it out for yourself.

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