Friday 29 August 2008

The value of social networking, now just business as usual

Metro Station are a hot band of the moment, but that's not why I mentioned them here. I like this little story from an interview with them about how they formed:

So how did all of you guys meet?

TC: Uh, me and Mason originally first met because, I knew his little brother, and I just kept hearing, ‘man, I gotta meet Mason,’ and then we got together and hung out, and a few days later, I went to his house and we recorded our first song like that night. I guess our parents were kinda shocked, cause we work pretty good together, and kept making songs after that. Eventually, I was searching on MySpace, and I came across the band that Blake was in, I sent him a message trying to see if he could play synth for us, and he was just like gonna help me and Mason out kind of, and us just do a song together for fun and it turned into something bigger than we thought and he dropped out of his other band, and the three of us started playing shows around LA and we were trying to get signed and put a record out and we searched and we found Anthony after about three drummers. He was a blessing. [emphasis added]

I think this is a fairly typical experience across all industries where people are using online social networking tools, that they are just part of that blended mix of real world and online. Social networking really is just turning into business as usual, don't you think?

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  1. Anonymous9:01 am

    I think the Music & Entertainment industry has already demonstrated that it's first up in the firing line when it comes to being "displaced" or affected by the digital and online space. This is just further evidence of that evolution.

    Only a matter of time until other industries fall in line, and you'll be writing about people who say "Yeah, I was looking for a good accountant, so I did a quick search on Facebook/MySpace/Twitter and I stumbled across someone who all my mates were using as well".


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