Tuesday 29 July 2008

Is the read/write web a friend or foe to information management?

I haven't written anything other than blog posts for a quite a while, but this month I have a new article in the July/August edition of Image & Data Manager (IDM) magazine, titled So is the read/write web a friend or foe to information management?

In this article I try to bring a bit of balance to concerns about Web 2.0 and issues around information security, privacy and records management. I identify three issue areas that we should focus on to understand how they impact on information management:

  1. Dealing with rich media content types and the even greater explosion of data volumes on the Web, particularly user-generated content;
  2. Balancing information security and integrity with the concept that “data is the Intel inside” – in other words, value is generated in the Web 2.0 by sharing information (this includes messaging, activity and content data) and access to platforms that perform useful functions;
  3. Non-technology issues – e.g. community standards, data sovereignty, legal and work/life overlap.

I'm hopeful that technology will eventually solve the first two, however the different dimensions of the non-technology issues are something that will be more challenging and unpredictable.

As its only just been published, this article is currently only available in hardcopy but drop me a line if you have trouble getting hold of the latest edition of IDM.


  1. I suspect it will be difficult for those of us across the various ponds to access a dead-tree version of IDM...if a link becomes available can you post it?


  2. Once I can, I'll try to add it to my collection of articles here http://chieftech.blogspot.com/2007/05/articles-papers.html


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