Monday 21 April 2008

Dion Hinchcliffe: RSS and ATOM a hallmark of WOA adoption

From Dion Hinchcliffe, discussing how Web 2.0 success stories driving WOA and informing SOA and in his of 4 things that define what WOA (Web-Oriented Architecture) will look like in the enterprise:

"A rich web of REST resources. Instead of a few point SOA services, enterprise data will be exposed through millions of granular REST resources (like the Web itself), which almost any application than can consume HTTP and XML can use. Much higher levels of syndication using RSS and ATOM will also be a hallmark of WOA adoption as it has been so successful in unleashing the Web of data on the Internet."

As we've been talking about around the Enterprise RSS Day of Action, there is a lot more to Enterprise RSS than meets the eye.

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