Sunday 6 January 2008

Looking down on Knowledge Management from on high - what do they see?

Interesting comment from a "a senior and long-tenured KM director of a large law firm" who answers the "dichotomy between corporate knowledge management adoption and satisfaction" (that being, adoption high but satisfaction low):

"one possible explanation might be that the users of those KM resources are much more likely to be the people working for the executives than the executives themselves, and that therefor the value of the tools isn’t apparent to those executives."

This also reflects my experience and is in fact exactly what I found once during a knowledge audit - left unidentified, subsequent decision making about their KM approach would have resulted in some poor outcomes for the organisation. Its a reminder that part of the job description for a knowledge manager is as much as about creating and sustaining their organisational knowledge ecology as it is managing stakeholders so they understand the value it is providing. BTW I'm sure this is true of many other management technologies, not just knowledge management.

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