Tuesday 18 December 2007

From small twitters, a big online next generation KM conference grows...

Earlier today, Luis twittered that his abstract for the knowledge management conference was rejected, so I suggested we run our own online conference. Of course, once you plant the seed of an idea with Luis, well say no more...

"while trying to wrap up everything at work since tomorrow is my last working day for the remaining of the year, earlier on today in Twitter a crazy thought came up from James Dellow after I mentioned in one of my twitterings how one of my abstracts for a conference event, taking place next year, on the state of social computing, was rejected. From there onwards, Dennis McDonald also jumped in, along with Steve Collins, Kelly Drahzal (a.k.a. Kellypuffs), Mark Masterson, Nancy White, LittleLaura, Ryan Boyles, Thomas van der Wal, Ryan Lanham and Jasmin Tragas so far. And before we knew it we had a whole bunch of folks in Twitter interested in the overall event (Plus those who contacted me already offline!)."

Hmm. Now I have decide what I'm going to present on? Something to look forward too in the new year :-)

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  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    Great idea! I know I'll be "attending"!


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