Monday 13 August 2007

ATOM Publishing Protocol API in Lotus Connections

While playing around with Lotus Connections in the Lotus Greenhouse, I have been wondering if Lotus Connections would - in true Web 2.0 style - support a non-IBM, offline blogging client (like Windows Live Writer).

Firstly, there are some positive conversations going on around support for the ATOM Publishing Protocol API in Lotus Connections. And looking at the code in my Greenhouse blog home page, I noticed it contains the following code:

<link rel="service" type="application/atomserv+xml" title="Atom Publishing Protocol" href="" />

If I've understood correctly, then this bit of code that should tell an ATOM compatible blogging client what it needs to be able to publish.

Unfortunately, it looks Windows Live Writer doesn't yet support the ATOM protocol but will in a future release. So, what to try in the meantime? Funnily enough it sounds like WLW doesn't support the ATOM publishing API, but Word 2007 does. Shame I'm still on Word 2003, else I would try it out. Perhaps someone else with Word 2007 could try it out in the Greenhouse? Or can someone recommend an offline blogging client that supports the ATOM API?


  1. Anonymous4:22 am

    Hi James! Welcome to the club of folks who are anxiously awaiting for the first offline blogging client to support APP. I have been blogging about this very same thing in the past, and I am still looking for the first one that does it successfully. So far, w.bloggar, ScribeFire, Flock, Qumana, ecto (From what I know), BlogJet, and WLW, as you mentioned, don't support it and more and more blogging engines will start supporting it shortly, specially given the security issues with the MetaWeblog API not encrypting the credentials, so I am longing for the time when I can test it out for a couple of the blogs I maintain.

    By the way, that is also one of the reasons why I am not very active in the Lotus Greenhouse at the moment, but I am hoping to be able to change that very shortly. More on that later though, when I can blog about something I am about to go through ;-)

    So we may be bumping into each other over there as well! heh

  2. Anonymous7:26 pm

    Hi James!

    I understand it is possible, but as you point out the issue is a lack of clients supporting the protocol.

    I attended a Connections STEW back in June, and one of the labs was to create a very simplified client to post via the API. Will have to dig it out again!

    You said "non-IBM" client, but could this be a good use of some of the new features in Notes 8, an ATOM capable blogging client?


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