Monday 11 June 2007

Blogging redefined in under 140 characters

OMG I'm so, like, yesterday.

It looks like I'm part of that small niche of laggards who to still bother to write more than 140 characters in a blog post - from BusinessWeek:

"Eric Case, product manager for Google's Blogger hosting service... says, the concept of blogging is already evolving. 'This thing we understood as blogging is vanishing and it is reframing as people develop new ways of posting and sharing things.'"

(Care of SmartMobs)

Actually, I think this is more about the economics of participation in social media - a natural progression with a 1% core in the middle.

I do wonder, if we won't see twittering and moblogging in turn replaced by some kind of automated or semi-automated life feed that will reduce the barrier of participation even further?

Whoops. There I go. Did again, that nearly 750 characters. When will I ever learn...

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