Monday 28 May 2007

Why would user-generated content commentators disable my mouse?

Sorry, a minor rant ahead.

Why would a Web-site that aims to covers user-generated content topics such as Blogs, Enterprise Web 2.0, Social Media, etc disable right-clicking? What's more surprising is that this site has some well known Web 2.0 people involved. For that matter, I couldn't find the RSS feed for the site anyway... so, they would lack some credibility don't you think?

From another site, reasons why you shouldn't disable right-clicking:

  • Annoying;
  • Pointless;
  • Disabling;
  • Unprofessional; and
  • Insulting.

Its certainly pointless, as you can easily re-enable right-clicking with a handy bookmark like this one available from the site.

I just don't get it - can someone explain?

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