Monday 7 May 2007

Dubious about Technorankit

Technorati tell us that they have changed how they report the popularity of the blogs they index by showing authority (the number of incoming links in the last 6 months) and rank (from 1 to infinity). But while they explain, "Technorati Rank is calculated based on how far you are from the top. The blog with the hightest Technorati Authority is the #1 ranked blog. The smaller your Technorati Rank, the closer you are to the top", if you look at their Top 100 blogs, then even their top blog only has a rank of 4.

So, where are the blogs with a rank of 1, 2 and 3?

Having played around with the Technorati data to create a network map of this blog, I remain a little dubious about what these rankings actually mean anyway. And I'm not the only one to notice this.

One thing I would like to see is these rankings with blogroll links filtered out. In fact, Technorati might benefit by incorporating some more sophisticated social network analysis measures for centrality than simple indegrees. Unfortunately that might require some serious number crunching on the Technorati servers. Or maybe they just need Google's Page Rank?

BTW The The ChiefTech blog currently has an authority of 109,749 with a rank of 42, so I suppose I shouldn't complain to much much ;-)

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