Thursday, 5 April 2007

Online offline is really still just offline

TypePad hosted blogs are down at the moment and missing action. At first I thought it was some kind of DNS problem or even that our Aussie Internet links to the rest of world had been cut... but no, its some kind of outage.

Its a little unfair at the moment to point the finger at TypePad, as other services have their problems from time to time. And of course, some of the interest in offline Web-apps has come from issues of reliability. But at the end of the day an offline online Web-app is still offline.  The most important point is that you can't "communicate" - and for many knowledge workers this is what work is all about.

So, while offline online gives us some security we still need a fundamental change (or rather ongoing evolution) toward some kind of Web-OS that has allows us to not only work offline from time to time, but to have redundancy so we can keep communicating.

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