Saturday 7 April 2007

Just for fun - a SNA map in Many Eyes of my blog

Its a long weekend public holiday in Australia for Easter, so as a bit of fun(!) I've created an SNA map in ManyEyes of the blogs and other sites around my ChiefTech Blog. There are two maps:

Now, a word of caution - and don't shot me over this - I should explain that this data has come out of Google incoming link data; it would just have taken to long for me to pull the data together otherwise. I had a choice of spidering my own data (no thanks) or using some other search engines but Google simply worked out to be the quicker of the options. If you have any better ideas for gathering this link data, let me know!

So these maps are really based on the incoming links that Google thinks are worth collecting. However, I thought that would be one way of filtering some of the rubbish out of the data anyway! In fact, its lucky that my blog isn't too popular as this would have taken a lot longer to put together :-)

I'm still exploring this data myself but in the meantime let me know what you think:

  • Are you in my blog neighborhood but perhaps we haven't said "hello"?
  • How does you blog neighborhood compare to mine?
  • What other patterns can you see?

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