Monday 5 March 2007

Second year running! Enabling Knowledge Management with Technology Masterclass in Singapore

I'm just a couple of weeks away from heading back to Singapore for the third time to run my Enabling Knowledge Management with Technology Masterclass, with Ark Group Asia.

Like any of the seminars or workshops I run, I like to make things as interactive as possible and one of my favourites parts of the masterclass where I "debunk" the data > information > knowledge concept. It builds on some of the ideas I wrote about in an IDM article called, Knowledge Management: How to separate the wheat from the chaff (PDF, 108KB).

So with the increased interest in Enterprise 2.0 (something I already cover in the masterclass), I welcome other perspectives on the link between KM and Enterprise 2.0 - here are some recent ideas:

  • Bill Ives - "Enterprise 2.0 is more complex than knowledge management but it raises many of the same issues, only more so, and we can learn from its mistakes."
  • Martin Cleaver - "Knowledge Management as a discipline provides frameworks for understanding some of the dynamics of the big picture: from a strategy standpoint building the types of capital, from the individual, group and organizational levels. Much of KM theory was developed way before this Web 2.0 stuff came along yet many products and practitioners are unaware of just how many KM aspects have been reinvented in Web 2.0."

I agree - Enterprise 2.0 can be informed by our experiences with KM, but Next Generation Knowledge Management (NGKM) does not equate to Enterprise 2.0. Why? Because fundamentally you don't need technology for KM... but in some circumstance technology can help or even be a critical success factor. For example, large distributed organisations.

But, I'd love to know what you think - does Knowledge Management = Enterprise 2.0?

PS For those of you in Australia, I've been discussing with another conference company about running a shorter version of my masterclass locally - so stay tuned and keep your fingers crossed for details later in the year.


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