Tuesday 27 March 2007

Reflections on last week's masterclass and the learning experience

Well, I'm back in Australia again. I actually spent the weekend in Canberra and had the opportunity to visit Questacon - an "interactive science and technology Centre" - and it was a nice reminder about the importance of play and discovery in helping children and adults alike in learning about technology and science. It reminds me of a comment from one participant in last week's masterclass about the value of attending who said it wasn't just about hearing some new ideas, but having a chance to think and discuss the issues.

Another participant also commented on my blog that:

"having an open-ended ending is interesting (though not new), but requires certain maturity (in the learners) and understanding that the learners are able to come to a sensible conclusion themselves."

A good point. Just like Questacon, the masterclass is just the beginning of a learning experience and there maybe new skills and knowledge we need to develop along the way. I know there is interest in this already and I look forward to continuing this learning conversation online with you.

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