Tuesday 20 February 2007

One day workshop on organisational network analysis (ONA) from Optimice

Laurence Lock Lee, from Optimice, has let me know that they will be running a one day workshop on organisational network analysis (ONA) or if you prefer, SNA in Sydney on March 20th.

He explained that they are couching ONA, which is clearly an analytical technique, within a change management framework (they are still negotiating with their partners on this…so I can’t reveal details as yet).

They will be reviewing a selection of the 20+ ONA projects they have undertaken in a “lessons learned” manner, so no hiding here! There will also be a bit of hands on, where you get to do the fun bits in ONA... like playing around with the maps.

As a bonus the first 15 registrants will also get a free copy of Rob Cross and Andrew Parker’s book on “The Hidden Power of Social Networks”.

If you're a beginner in ONA or SNA, I highly recommend attending a course like this as while the technology of network mapping gets easier all the time, understanding the results is more of an art (on that note, check out my own Small World! (PDF, 89KB) article).

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