Tuesday 9 January 2007

Michael Sampson's review of SharePoint 2007

Earlier in the year, New Zealand-based Michael Sampson closed up shop at his collaborative technologies research business to take up a full-time position with Foldera. Luckily he has continued to write and maintains a summary page of his "Articles, Blog Posts and Ramblings" via his personal blog.

Most recently In the Nov/Dec edition of online magazine, MessagingNews, he writes a review of Microsoft SharePoint 2007, including a persuasive argument (on paper at least) for hosting internal enterprise blogs and wikis on this platform:

"IT strategists hate the unnecessary implementation of point solutions, when general-purpose platforms are available instead. In this case, the ability to have cool new functionality whilst running on a consolidated platform and using a single authentication foundation (Active Directory) is very compelling."

It reflects some of my own predictions in my 2005 article on enterprise Wikis (PDF, 121KB) that you'll find in my own articles archive.

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