Tuesday 21 November 2006

McAfee 0 Slashdot 1

Andrew McAfee made a big splash with his Enterprise 2.0 article, but the waves created by his more recent article on IT haven't been so "buoyant". Getting slashdotted didn't help either ;-)

Actually I have nothing against mental models that help non-IT people to make better informed decisions, but at the end of the day they are just models. But unfortunately in this case I agree with Nicholas Carr's comments:

"As its title suggests, it's one of those dry scholarly exercises in categorization that spend a lot of time explaining stuff that most managers understand intuitively."

Personally I've found more targeted models of greater use such as:

Richard Susskind's Grid for the legal industry; or

Evaristo and Munkvold's collaborative infrastructure model.

Still, I'm a consultant, so I won't throw out McAfee's ideas just yet...

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