Tuesday 13 June 2006

Scoble: I didn't do this for the audience

Enough people have been blogging and talking about Robert Scoble leaving Microsoft for a social software startup that it leaves little for me to add. However, I did enjoy this bit of reflection on his blog:

"Will I lose my audience? That's a question I've seen on the blogs. Yes. Huh? You will unsubscribe if I don't give you a payoff. For many of you Microsoft was that payoff. Yes, Microsoft is still an interesting company for many many people in the world. When I was at my mom's funeral, what did we end up talking about at lunch afterward? Microsoft. Everyone had an opinion about Microsoft. Everyone knew who it was. What it did... Over the next few months if I don't give you a payoff you'll leave. That'd be OK with me, I didn't do this for the audience."

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