Monday 13 February 2006

G'Day from Singapore

If you are looking for me at the moment I'm currently in Singapore running a 2-day master class on enabling knowledge management with technology. Participants include people from Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong who represent a range of industries, covering government, healthcare, resources and logistics. Its an interesting mix and I know from the comments so far on day 1 that some people are finding my approach to KM and information technology is already challenging some of their original assumptions.

In day 1 we looked at a brief history of KM, discussed some key concepts - including the Australian KM Standard, Collaborative Infrastructure and Strategy - plus a case study on Ernst & Young. Tomorrow we'll be looking at social software, some more on collaborative infrastructure and change management.

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  1. Anonymous6:39 am

    Sounds like Singapore is going well for you. Mark Schenk and I will be in Singapore next week. Will you still be in town? It would be great to catch up.

  2. Shawn - Unfortunately I'm already back home! However, I'm sure you'll get a warm reception next week. PS The Hyatt on Scotts Road comes highly recommended if you're looking for a smart dinner or lunch spot ;-) The StraitsKitchen has a big communal table just right for an Anecdote conversation.


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