Thursday 9 June 2005

Location-enhanced applications

Mark White from Brisbane, Australia, based Locatrix Communications, comments in his new blog on a Business 2.0 article looking at different examples of how organisations are developing software and services that leverage location awarness. Mark says "My take is that it’s not so much about location-based services as it is about location-enhanced applications, whether they are games, corporate applications like Xora or contact management tools that know where your friends and colleagues are."

As I commented back on Mark's blog, while some people are only just begining to understand the importance of presence in next-generation networks, clearly "place" is going to be just as important.

BTW Mark's company Locatrix also sounds interesting - according to the Website blurb they provide "a suite of wireless application solutions and mobile device clients for use by wireless operators, enterprises, software developers and solution providers. The products integrate seamlessly over any cellular or WiFi networks and derive a single 'view' of a subscriber's availability, status and location. This is what we call a 'Locatrix', and unobtrusively sharing this information with colleagaues and friends creates opportunities for contact, collaboration, productivity and innovation."

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