Monday 11 April 2005

Nice to meet you

Today's Column 8* in the Sydney Morning Herald had a cute story from a reader about their brief laptop-to-laptop liaison on a commuter train:

"Travelling home after work by train last week, I was seated next to a fellow commuter using a laptop and headphones. Not to be outdone, I started work on my own laptop and as it booted up, a message appeared on the screen - 'another computer has been detected. Do you want to send a file?' Naturally I declined as we had barely met, but as he left the train, my companion confirmed that he was aware of our brief laptop liaison."

Column 8 then made the comparison with two dogs meeting in the park (you get the picture). A more interesting (and perhaps more tasteful) application can be found in the conference industry, where smart name badges (for example nTag and others) seek out people with similar or target profiles. Of course, this idea exists in the domain of Personal Area Networks (PANs) – also see my earlier post on RedTacton.

*Please note that the contents of Column 8 changes daily, so this story won't be there tomorrow!

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