Monday 4 April 2005

CollaborativeAID: Taking wikis to the next level

Last week while down in Melbourne for the day working on a client project I made time to catch up with Ashin Wimalajeewa from Self Technologies. Ash is a software methodologist and architect, and he is currently working as a contractor at a major Australian bank. (Actually "contractor" is perhaps the wrong word since he could easily fit Davenport and Prusak's definition of an idea practitioner.)

He has a created a really interesting knowledge management and project collaborative platform called CollaborativeAID. Based on the wiki paradigm, Ash has extended the idea to create a tool "that empowers all stakeholders to contribute, collaborate, learn from one another and innovate". As well a basic enterprise wiki features (e.g. access control, simple editing), CollaborativeAID also includes:

  • Forms to capture and display wiki content;
  • Cross referencing of content;
  • Graphic content maps (e.g. a methodology map that links to relevant content); and
  • Integrated project workspaces.
Having seen CollaborativeAID in action I was impressed by what I saw, but I have to admit wondering now what is or isn't a wiki? Perhaps someone can come up with a new name for these advanced wikis. If you have any suggestions please post them here!

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