Tuesday 29 March 2005

IM Bogeyman Strikes Again

I see that the Instant Messaging Bogeyman is back in town :-) This time its local IT analyst, Bruce McCabe, writing for the Australian. In his opinion, "The only quality that makes instant messaging interesting as a business tool can be summed up in two words: presence detection."

I'm actually a little confused about the point McCabe is trying to make. On one hand he provides examples of where IM is useful (like a widely dispersed organisation) but then gives it the thumbs down because of lost productivity (interuptions, lack of richness, slow typing).

Its a shame that he fails to mention other benefits such as:

  • Integration with Webconferencing tools;
  • Access to information through interactive IM 'bots;
  • The ability to indicate if you are busy, away or free to talk;
  • As a secondary real-time communication tool while you are on the phone to someone else or to support a teleconferencing and videoconferencing meeting;
  • And so on...

Looking at the broader picture of IM you actually find there is more to it than just chat or presence alone.

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