Friday 11 March 2005

Blog Discovery Tools

My friend, Brian Bailey from Gadens Lawyers, continues to fuel my current focus on blogging (sorry everyone, normal service will be resumed soon) by pointing me in the direction of this article on specialised blog search engines here on the Search Engine Watch site. I quite like the visual neighborhood tool on the Blogstreet site.

These specialised search tools are really useful considering our need to "keeping found things found". Also, related to search, Brian himself wrote this short article on How much knowledge is enough? The role of satisfice in decision-making.

PS I had some nice feedback from Ellen R. Cohn on my post about life blogging. Ellen is one of the authors behind a paper I linked from that post. I'll add a further response to Ellen's comments when I get a chance as she makes a good point about IT innovation and the gap between IT professionals and the academic world.

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